The Emergence of One American Nation Is Now Available


Divisiveness is the hallmark of American politics today. Red state versus blue; liberal versus conservative; secular versus religious; the list goes on. Sometimes it seems we are no longer one nation, but in fact we are. Division and argument have always been a part of the American scene, no more so than at our founding.

In the Emergence of One American Nation, Donald J. Fraser explores the difficulties which the founding generation confronted in molding the United States into one nation. At the heart of that effort was the movement to create and ratify a new Constitution for the country, one to replace the failed Articles of Confederation. Fraser not only explains the process of constitution making which American leaders went through, but places it clearly in the context of the movement for independence, the Declaration of Independence, and the Revolutionary War.

Fraser’s work not only tells of the events that led to creation of one American nation, but it is full of engaging portraits of the individuals who helped bring about the revolution and the new political order under the Constitution, including Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and a host of lesser known but interesting characters.

The book is now available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.