Positive Reviews of The Emergence of One American Nation

Fraser’s comprehensive history shows how partisanship and compromise have always been ingredients in the stew of American politics. This meticulously researched volume follows the evolution of the United States from 13 disparate, self-interested colonies to one nation united by the Constitution… The author shows a knack for choosing the best material to reinforce his points…He illustrates that the nation’s early turmoil still echoes today, as the tug-of-war between personal liberty and the public good continues unabated centuries later. A thorough, successful reexamination of the many factors that went into founding the United States. – Kirkus Reviews

As a history book it is very readable … amazing how applicable it is to the times we are living in right now. – Beth Ruyak- Capital Public Radio Sacramento

Many excellent books survey the genesis, writing, and ratification of the American Constitution… Donald J. Fraser’s outstanding new book deserves to share the same shelf as these classics; indeed, in some ways, it supersedes them… A graceful and gifted writer, Fraser brings alive the interests and personalities of the delegates (his treatment of James Madison is as three-dimensional as any readers are likely to find), and he writes with the tone of a scholar who is truly excited by his material…Its also a wonderful read for any history buff, and, in fact comes with the highest possible recommendation for any audience. –blueink Starred Review


[The book is] easily and readily understandable, with a fantastic layout of subjects that makes flicking to a particular point of interest a breeze. It seems like basic praise until you see exactly how masterfully the book has been crafted. The title really turns a potentially dry subject into something vivid and alive through some skillful, very low-key use of storytelling techniques to stoke the imagination. Its subtle and very effective…For people with only a basic understanding of early American history, The Emergence of One American Nation is an excellent starting point; for readers looking for a deeper look in the Revolution’s lesser known figures, most interesting moments, and the proper context surrounding it, this book is also an outstanding resource. -IndieReader 4 stars      

The Emergence of One American Nation…makes American history come alive…as engaging as it is enlightening, the [book] is enthusiastically recommended for personal browsing and public library collections alike. – Midwest Book Review




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